The majestic form, the unmatched beauty, those merciful eyes, the graceful smile–the glories of Sri Lakshmi Narsimha at SNGM are much more than our words can ever describe!
When one takes His Darshan, His magnificent form awakens their soul with intense admiration and devotion.
While the joy and peace one experiences just by taking His Darshan is unparalleled, witnessing His Maha Abhishekam would make them attain the point of exhilaration and sense of hope of overcoming all their worries and troubles!
Onlookers gaze as if in a trance with great devotion and happiness as fresh fruit juices, milk, yoghurt and honey flow from His mighty shoulders to His merciful lotus Feet and when soft petals of flowers touch the mighty and magnanimous form of the Supreme Lord. Indeed, nothing in the world can match the grandeur and effulgence of the Lord’s Maha Abhishekam.

Certainly, this is the reason that Sri Narasimha Giridhari Mandir is thronged by people in larger numbers on every second saturday of the month. The Mahaabhishekam of the magnificent deity of Lord Narasimhadev is a spectacle that one would not want to miss. The courageous, enormous and magnificent form of Narasimhadev radiates strength, positive energy and blessings to every onlooker.

Come with your family and friends and be blessed with this invaluable experience.

Skanda Purāṇa extols the result of seeing ārati (worship) of the Deity as follows,

“If someone sees the face of the Lord while ārati is going on, he can be relieved of all sinful reactions coming from many, many thousands and millions of years past. He is even excused from the killing of a brāhmaṇa or similar prohibited activities.”


Every living being is a wonderful creation of the Lord. But fortunate are the fruits that sacrifice the most vital part of their lives as an offering of love to the Supreme Lord. The Lord graciously accepts this offering of love as juices from 9 different fruits are showered on his transcendental splendid form.

Fortunate are the flowers that surrender completely to the Lord, offering their fragrance and form in the service of abhishekam. Followed by the abhishekam with flowers and fruit juices, the Lord is bathed with panchamrita, a preparation made of ghee, milk, yoghurt, honey and sugar syrup. The Lord is also offered pushti deepa, Nritya seva and arati by the devotees.

Only on this auspicious day, one gets an exclusive darshan of 9 forms of Narasimhadev present in Ahobilam.

Partial or full surrender, one can offer their devotion to Lord Narasimhadev in form of their time, money, efforts or all.

It is stated in the Vishnu Rahasya that,

“Any person who can arrange for the service of the Lord in the same way a king is given service by his attendants is surely elevated to the abode of Krishna after death.”

Those who would sponsor Narasimhadev Mahaabhishekam will receive special Archana seva at no additional cost and the Maha abhisheka prasadam will be couriered to their residence.