ISKCON starts COVID Anna Suraksha - in North Bangalore

ISKCON HBR reaches out to its neighbouring community to help them during the COVID crisis. Bangalore North has several labourers and daily wage earners, and slum  dwellers, whose livelihood has been hugely hit by the lockdown.

 ISKCON HBR has once again started the COVID Anna  Suraksha or Food Relief initiaitive.

Our supporters will recall that during the first Wave of COVID , ISKCON HBR Layout temple had fed thousands of migrant workers, slum dwellers, children and other distress cases.

Packed, nutritious and hygienic food packets are going out in several directions and helping the people of Bangalore North  so badly hit by the COVID Tsunami. 

Please help us to continue  this important program of distributing food  across the Northern part of the city as practically all eateries across the city are shut.

ISKCON is also providing COVID Anna Suraksha for all families affected by Corona and have nobody to cook for them.

Imagine what would happen if along with the shortage of  beds, oxygen, and doctors there is also shortage of healthy, nutritious, hygienic food.

We have also distributed food to COVID patients, doctors, medical staff, and para medical staff.

We need your support to keep this program going and to expand our reach to serve more people in the coming days.

We invite you to participate in this initiative by contributing in cash or by supplying essential needs such as rice, dal, atta etc.

Come, join us and show  that people of Bangalore care  and will do whatever it takes to keep the city hunger free. 

To volunteer, support and contribute  contact: 99010 60738

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