In a world where there is sustainable, healthy, fair and equitable business and agricultural policies, there is a interdependability between different species, the environment and human beings. Any violation of this sacred, time tested principle that enshrines that all that we have is for everyone and every being is entitled to an equal share, the protection of the cow and bull form a pivotal role. From vedic times, it has been very strongly emphasised that that place where the cows and bulls are protected and where they live and move fearlessly, there will be a natural propensity of the environment to be peaceful, harmonious and prosperous.

It is the responsibility of every human being to contribute toward this ideal ecosystem that has sustainable, equitable and fair life choices.
We can begin this with the first step, which is not just easy but is recommended with great importance in the scriptures! We invite you to take this first step in building a new society by actively participating in caring of the cows. Caring for and all initiatives towards Go Seva by Giridhair’s Goshala have been launched to provide opportunities to every one who is concerned to make this world a better place.

May cows stay in front of me; may cows stay behind me; may cows stay on both sides of me.

May I always reside in the midst of cows. 

Hari Bhakti-vilas 16.252

General Sevas

It costs Rs.100 a day to maintain one cow. 

Cow cuddling at ISKCON HBR Layout Bengaluru

Daily Feed

Paddy Straw = 300

Chickpea = 2bags

Corn = 3bag
₹ 3000

Wheat bran = 7k
 ₹ 6000

You could volunteer/contribute/be a brand ambassdor and become a stake holder.