Depression and Anxiety
Depression, anxiety, and fear are most common and uncomfortable emotions that we experience. Through online counseling we help you to recover motivation. Contact Radhapriya 9972575553 [email protected]
Many individuals experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances . Our online counseling can help and guide you through the process of grief and healing. Contact Radhapriya 9972575553 [email protected]
Anger Management
Managing your anger doesn't mean we should never get angry. Instead it is to express anger in healthy and productive way. Contact Radhapriya 9972575553 [email protected]
Self-esteem and confidence
Low self-worth creeps up in both personal and professional spheres. It defines the way our interactions with others are shaped. We are here to help you enhance your confidence overcome inferiority complex and further develop your personality. Contact Radhapriya 9972575553 [email protected]
It takes a lot of determination and courage to break old habits, overcome addiction and rehabilitate oneself from any kind of substance addiction. Deaddiction program can help you restart your life on a good note. But the catch is that very few people can get over such challenges without the assistance of a versatile support system. In addition to medical and psychiatric professionals, a very patient and determined team of counsellors, de-addiction therapists are needed. Many a times, it is essential to have loving and supportive spiritual care givers for sustained results. Contact Radhapriya 9972575553 [email protected]

This is where ISKCON HBR layout Bangalore scores. We have a well-trained team of experts who are assisted by spiritually compassionate caregivers 24 x 7. ISKCON is working closely with the members of Alcoholics Anonymous to provide the much-needed care to win this battle.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experiences, strengths and inspire each other to solve their common problem. The gatherings happen every Wednesday and Friday in the temple premises.

Success of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings is the seed of transformation, that has been nourished and constantly growing for the LAST ONE YEAR.Treated rehabs need a half-way home before resuming to normal life and our short-term vision is to build one.

 If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If broken by an inside force, life begins.


This is the principle of HALF-WAY HOME. There will be many engagements provided like gardening, yoga, meditation, mangalarati, shayanaarati etc. Beyond distracting one’s mind from alcohol, these activities solve the root cause of the problem.