Vaishnavi Sanga

It all started when a few mutual friends introduced us. As usual we girls just chill out in the thinnest air. Well that was the start to this FAMILY.
Now, why I call this a FAMILY is because the bond we have between us was well built, yeah , Rock solid! ( potent , lasting)

The best part about this FAMILY was the jamming and chilling out that happens on Saturdays and Sundays.
The festivals are quite another dimension of group work…there is so much excitement and it never seems to get dull or boring out here…

Wait! let me introduce the FAMILY… well, we have a big group with our members ranging, from a school going girl to a working lady.

Being a part of this FAMILY packed some vision and focus into our lives and that’s when even staying together is fun.
What do we do?
We are always engaged in taking up challenges that others say we can’t do and enjoy surprising them.

Was it us who did all that?

Come join, delight yourself and surprise the world!
Now you know what we do.
We do at the little corner that’s reserved for us. We are breaking old rules and making new ones and getting ready to shock the world and win our battles with bhakti, grace and purity.

We do so much that include cooking, making garlands for Sri Giridhari, live streaming of bhajans and kirtans , organising events, festivals and young girls camp performing arts such as dance and dramas .

Who doesn’t need a good friend in tough times?
All I mean to say is that as we do what we do in acquiring various life skills and nurturing our interests and honing our innate talents, we have loads of fun…

How can you miss something so sublime, pure and blissful?!